Handle With Care: Determining the Value of Marcus Lattimore (at Footballguys.com)

We had a technical glitch but it’s finally up – my latest at Footballguys.com about what you need to keep in mind when considering drafting Marcus Lattimore in any format.

Below is a snippet of it – of course you can read the whole thing at Footballguys.

Had it not been for the massive knee injury Lattimore suffered against Tennessee last fall, he would have been the best running back in the 2013 NFL draft class. It’s not even close. That said, the injury did happen and is compounded in the minds of many fantasy owners by the fact that it was the second major injury in just over a year (the first being a torn ligament in the left knee against Mississippi State the previous year).

Meanwhile, Lattimore has been on a mission to let people know he is going to come back, and come back strong. He showed at the Senior Bowl to make sure teams knew he was serious, was ahead of schedule at the Combine, got a standing ovation at his Pro Day and has been working so hard rehabbing since joing the 49ers that they’ve had to tell him to throttle it back.

With the massive talent he had pre-injuries (even after the first one), Lattimore is a guy who has to be on your radar and one you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons off this draft season.

As I said, you can read the whole thing here.

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Footballguys Redraft Rankings Up – June 1

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Jets Fans Should Not Rush to Judge GM John Idzik Based on Garrard & Goodson

Posted this today at Bleacher Report, where you can read the whole thing.

Here’s a little sample:

The Jets are done.

Fold up the tents kids. Destroy Florham Park. Burn the training facility to the ground and sow the seeds so nothing will ever be grown again.

At least, that’s how it sounds if you listen to the media and a segment of “running off the cliff” Jets fans. Newly minted GM John Idzik is a failure or at least having a terrible offseason.

To which I say, nonsense.

Sure, anonymous scouts will tell ESPN the Jets failed to do their due diligence on Mike Goodson, but what were the Jets supposed to find?

Nothing, because until he was arrested this May there was nothing to find.

As I said, you can read the rest at Bleacher Report……

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