Player Analysis: Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State

image via the Columbus Dispatch and

Name: Carlos Hyde

Class: Senior
Height: 6’
Weight: 230 lbs.
School: Ohio State

image via, shot by Jamie Sabau of Getty Images

Strengths: Hyde is a big, thick, bruising running back who will lower his pads and hammer through a hole (or through someone blocking a hole). He keeps his legs churning after contact, shows great balance and footwork through trash and will stay on his feet even with tacklers trying to drag him down. Hyde has a real “can’t stop/won’t stop” attitude which makes him very effective in goal-line and short yardage situations. His brutal running style will wear a defensive front down, so he gets better as a game goes on. Hyde is also a lot quicker than he appears upon first glance and moves swiftly and with agility through small holes and traffic and will plant his foot and spring in another direction with speed. Hyde is also a solid receiver as well, showing soft hands. Finally, Hyde is an instinctive blocker

Weakness: Mason’s shorter than what teams look for in a prototypical back, but has enough mass to where durability isn’t a concern. While he is fast, Mason only seems to have one speed so once he tops out, he isn’t adding more burst to get away from tacklers. While we know he can catch the ball, our ability to really examine

image via

that is limited because he just didn’t get used in the receiving game often enough to get a firm grasp on it. Mason has had some ball security issues the last two years and will need to take better care of the ball at the pro level. There might be some question about his potential effectiveness depending on where he lands because he may have benefited a bit from a very good offensive line and an up-tempo scheme which wore down defenses.

On the other hand, if he’s in a scheme which does that—well that’s a strong fit.

Intangibles: By all accounts, Hyde is a good worker and teammate. He was suspended for three games (via in 2013 after an incident with a woman at a nightclub. The case was dropped but Urban Meyer still suspended him. He appeared to be remorseful and aware of what he cost his teammates and himself (via, and it sounds as though he learned from his mistake.

Notes: Hyde is a guy who could easily be a workhorse back at the Pro level, and he showed that when he was the first Urban Meyer back to total 1,000 yards in a season, despite missing three games. After pulling a hamstring at the combine, Hyde bounced back and performed well in some private workouts at the end of March. He breaks a lot of tackles and runs hard, which should translate to some nice games at the pro level.


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