Player Analysis: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Teddy Bridgewater has everything you need for a franchise quarterback.

Name: Teddy Bridgewater

Class: Junior
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 205 lbs.
School: Louisville

Strengths: Bridgewater is easily the most pro-ready prospect at the position as he comes out of a pro-style offense where he was very comfortable.  Scans the whole field and makes all is progressions, and on film repeatedly showed the ability to look off and fool the defense with his eyes before delivering the ball. Bridgewater gets the ball out quickly with good technique, and can fit the ball into tight windows or put it where only his receiver can make a play. Shows poise in the pocket and a willingness to stand and take a hit while delivering the ball, though is also very effective scrambling as well. Bridgewater delivered on numerous big drives when the team needed him to step up, though was let down by his defense more than once. Is absolutely deadly when facing blitzes and pressure and was very effective on third downs. Added weight and mass prior to the Combine in order to allay concerns about durability due to body type.

Weakness: Bridgewater has a solid release, but a lower-than-ideal release point, which can be corrected. While accurate on downfield throws, could improve both touch and ball placement, in part because he doesn’t have the best drive on the ball for downfield throws. Mobile but not spectacularly so, is not a true “dual-threat” quarterback. There are concerns about Bridgewater’s durability due to body-type and big hits he has taken in college.

Intangibles: There are some “concerns” among media and some analysts about his ability to lead, but nothing we see on tape leads one to believe he isn’t a good leader on the field. From all accounts he is a dedicated worker and knows his football, and loves to be around it. He appears to elevate the play of those around him by example, both on and off the field. Adding weight pre-Combine shows he is willing to work and improve, and has the dedication to make gains swiftly in areas he might be lacking.

Notes: While he’s the best quarterback in the class, Bridgewater has absolutely suffered a bit as folks pick him apart—as is the case for most top picks. Not competing in the Combine hurt him, at least from a media standpoint, though as numerous NFL people told me in Indianapolis (and guys like Pete Carroll said publicly) teams prefer to see these guys compete. While the film on Bridgewater is better than a guy like Blake Bortles, the UCF quarterback impressed people by competing whereas not doing anything hurts the perception of Bridgewater. More than a few people mention bad weather as a concern, but he played well against Southern Miss in heavy rain and has played in other inclement weather.

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