2014 NFL Draft: Inside Linebackers

Inside Linebacker

  1. C.J. Mosley, Alabama
  2. Chris Borland, Wisconsin
  3. Preston Brown, Louisville
  4. Shayne Skov, Stanford
  5. Brock Coyle, Montana
  6. Yawin Smallwood, UCONN
  7. Max Bullough, Michigan State
  8. Lamin Barrow, LSU
  9. Avery Williamson, Kentucky
  10. Jeremiah George, Iowa State
  11. James Morris, Iowa
  12. Glenn Carson, Penn State
  13. Steele Divitto, Boston College
  14. Marquis Spruill, Syracuse
  15. Devekeyan Lattimore, South Florida
  16. Dan Fox, Notre Dame
  17. Brandon Denmark, Florida A&M
  18. Jack Tyler, Virginia Tech
  19. Spencer Shuey, Clemson
  20. Caleb Lavey, Oklahoma State

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