2014 NFL Draft

When it comes to analysis, my process is pretty straightforward, I watch as many games during the fall as I can (considering the NFL coverage I have to do), making general notes on each player of note.

Later, I go back and watch players again more closely after the season is over.  For the highest level prospects I watch no less than three games closely. I usually pick on very good game, one game where the prospect struggled (easier to do with quarterbacks than tackles) and one game in between.  If at all possible, I watch games where players are going up against top talent. Ranked teams, top defenses, top offenses.

For each position I am tracking different factors and, depending on position, charting various aspects of the position (for example, pass location for quarterbacks, effectiveness of running back to which side of the line, whether a corner is in man or zone and how successful he is).

I then take all my notes and compile them into some cohesive thoughts about what a player can do now, as well as what he might be able to do at the pro level.

I will be trying to break down and post analysis of the top ten players for each position, but as I am a one man band, I may not get to everything I want to, even though I will have done the work. It’s just a matter of having the time to type up all the players before the draft.

But we have an extra two weeks so, who knows?  I’ll start with the offensive skill positions (specifically QB and WR because that’s what CheeseheadTV pays me to focus on for the draft guide) then jump to the defensive line, linebackers, secondary and, if there is time, offensive line.

Again, I’ll have watched everyone, I just don’t know if I’ll have time to write them all up.

I will break the overall draft pages into subsections, so look for sub-tabs to appear under this main section for all the positions. As I do each breakdown, I will hotlink it directly to the player’s name on the ranking list.

This is what each breakdown is going to look like.

Name: Slappy McQB

Class: Junior
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 215 lbs.
School: Ball So Hard University

Strengths: This is what I see that works. There may be varying degrees of shading here, and it may also be situational (i.e. how a player may look better when out of a spread formation or with his hand in the dirt).

Weakness: Naturally this is what goes badly. Again, we have shades of gray here and some mistakes might be situational (i.e. QB threw too many interceptions but a high number of them were tipped from WRs).

Intangibles: Things that stand out for good or ill that isn’t easily measurable. I try to avoid guessing what goes on in a player’s head or breaking his personality down when I cannot speak to or interview him and will call out the difference between any hands on experience versus what has been reported by others.

Notes: anything that doesn’t fit above.

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