From the Press Box: Week 8 aka The Greg Schiano Story: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

All new From The Press Box at Cheesehead TV – check out the full article here after you read a little sample below.


File this under “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.”

Schiano has some attachments to Bill Belichick and the Belichick “coaching tree” which shouldn’t surprise anyone once you find out. How many coaches who know, worked with or have otherwise been mentored by Belichick have gone on to success?

If you answer “none” you’d be right.

Out of date, but not by much….. image via

And what’s the thread between most of these guys? Napoleon complex. Bullying, really.

Now, you need discipline. But there’s discipline and there’s discipline. Eric Mangini imploded in New York because he threw his weight around with dumb things like forcing rookies on a long bus ride to go to his camp. Josh McDaniels famously blew up the Broncos and ran off players with his “in your face” attitude. Jim Schwartz doesn’t bully his players, but we’ve seen him try it with other coaches.

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