Which NFL Rookies Have the Biggest Shoes to Fill in 2013? (Bleacher Report)

We’ve got a new piece over at Bleacher Report this morning. It’s a slideshow, talking about which rookies are going to have to replace some fairly important people during the coming NFL season.

As always, you can find an excerpt below and read the whole thing over at Bleacher Report.

Which brings us to Milliner, far and away the best corner prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft this year (particularly with D.J. Hayden’s health issues).

Is that enough though? It’s one thing to be good or even great, but Revis was beyond those labels.

We cannot expect Milliner to shut down elite wide receivers the way Revis did (we’ll see if he still can post-ACL injury), but he is good enough to hang with them and cover them.

On top of that, I have never been a big fan of Revis’ tackling ability. Yes, the Jets didn’t ask him to blitz or contain the run for the most part, but he still needed to get his hands dirty and too often seemed to lack the overall skill, strength and polish that was a hallmark of the rest of his game.

Again, you can catch the whole thing over at Bleacher Report.

Thanks for stopping by. There will be one more article on Sunday morning, then back to the grind next week.


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