A Detailed List of an NFL Coach’s Responsibility (at Bleacher Report)

Happy Sunday folks.

It’s still off-season in the NFL so today we’ve posted a piece at Bleacher Report about what sort of responsibilities come with being a head coach in the NFL.

As always, here’s a sample from the main article:


Implementing whatever he (and his staff) learned from the preceding game is only part of getting ready for the next week.

The coach will also look at the last game or two of the team’s upcoming opponent.

Using all that information, it’s his job to work with his assistant coaches and both his offensive and defensive coordinator to come up with a way to beat the next team.

Again, some coaches will listen more to their subordinates, while others will do most of the heavy lifting themselves.

This is an ongoing process for teams. Yes, they have a day to install a gameplan (usually Wednesday or Thursday) but ultimately they’ll tweak it right up until game time based on player injuries, how their team is executing and even things like weather.

Again, you can catch the whole thing over at Bleacher Report, and as always, thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “A Detailed List of an NFL Coach’s Responsibility (at Bleacher Report)

  1. I love the articles over at bleacher report, usually involve a bit more thought than a lot on NFL.com, they make you think rather than just spoon feed you news. Keep up the good work

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