Surveying the NFL’s Stickiest Contract Situations This Offseason (at Bleacher Report)

June is here and things are going to be as quiet as they get in the NFL. But that just means we get to dig a little into the sport we love rather than chase stories.

Today I’ve got a piece over at Bleacher Report about Surveying the NFL’s Stickiest Contract Situations This Offseason. Here’s the usual sample, not surprisingly about Mark Sanchez…

On the one hand, the Jets are at the end of the contract—after this season they can cut Sanchez loose with no real repercussions.

That said, 2013 is an ugly year for a contract extension that probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

This season sees the Jets on the hook for $8.25 million for Sanchez, which is bad enough for a guy who we all know isn’t the future of the franchise. The team is also strapped to $17.153 million dollars in dead money—for a guy who isn’t even guaranteed a starting job.

All this does is cloud the picture for the quarterback position. Sanchez has had to “compete” before, and it hasn’t amounted to anything. The Jets know he isn’t their future, and yet, he’s been paid an enormous amount of money anyway.

And we know that he’s not the future because they went out of their way to sign a guy they thought was healthy enough to step in short-term in David Garrard and drafted a potential starter in the second round with Geno Smith.

With Garrard retired and Smith a rookie who definitely has some growing to do as a quarterback, we could see Sanchez on the field yet again for the Jets. And even if we don’t, his contract represents a pretty significant hit for the team—the second biggest cap hit for 2013.

This for a player who could very well be the backup—all because they flirted with Peyton Manning and felt bad about it.

Kids, this is why you don’t decide to buy your significant other a big-ticket item when he or she catches you looking around the bar. It’s never good to buy out of guilt.

At least this is the end of it.

Or is it?

We know head coach Rex Ryan has stuck with Sanchez when he shouldn’t (see all of last year). Who’s to say we don’t have this same conversation again next year?

Again, you can see the whole thing here.

I’m also updating my redraft Fantasy Football rankings at today so if you’re a subscriber, definitely check them out. I’ll post a note here when they are all done.

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