When Is the Perfect Time to Hold Your Fantasy Football Draft? (Bleacher Report)

Today’s piece (which actually posted yesterday) delves into fantasy football and when you should hold your draft.

As always, here is an excerpt and you can read the whole thing here.

The issue with having a draft so early is very simple. You add an extra element of luck to a game which already can be filled with it.

So many injuries, surprise cuts and sudden roster reversals happen during training camp and preseason games that even the most informed fantasy player can get caught short.

On of the most recent examples of this would be Matt Flynn losing the Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback job to Russell Wilson. Most thought that Flynn, who had signed a big contract with Seattle that offseason, would walk into the job, but that was not to be.

Early-drafting fantasy owners got quite a bit of a shock when they discovered Flynn was a wasted pick.

Of course, the challenge is to have a deep enough roster to survive such an event, but it can be unnecessarily hard for newer players or casual fans.

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Why JaMarcus Russell’s Comeback Attempt Should Already Be Considered a Success (at B/R)

Today’s Bleacher Report piece is about JaMarcus Russell. You remember him? First overall draft pick, he of the strong arm and shaky work ethic?

He’s mounting a come back and while he might not get another gig in the NFL, the effort itself makes it a success, considering where he started from.

As always, here’s an excerpt, and you can read the whole thing over at Bleacher Report.

Everyone fails at some point. But the successful people pick themselves back up, dust off and get back to work. It’s not easy, and evidence indicates that if you’re a rich millionaire you could be convinced to just hang out and count your money instead.

JaMarcus Russell is trying to get back up off the ground and give football another shot. The fact that he’s making the effort itself makes this a success in many ways. That he’s had one tryout with the Chicago Bears with a second one potentially on the horizon with the Baltimore Ravens according to ESPN makes it even more so.

Many first-round busts have walked away from football and not looked back. Sometimes the NFL was equally interested in walking away from that player (goodbye, Ryan Leaf), but often the player in question took their enormous paycheck and headed home.

Russell isn’t doing that, or at least he isn’t anymore.

Again, thanks for reading along.


Fantasy Football 2013: Highlighting the Biggest Takeaways from NFL Minicamps (at Bleacher Report)

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day if they are one, an everyone else had a nice, mellow weekend filled with BBQ and Superman movies.

Today we have a piece at Bleacher Report on what we have seen in mini-camps and how it might affect the 2013 Fantasy Football season.

As always, find an excerpt below and please head over to B/R and read the piece in it’s entirety.

The Jets Quarterback Situation Still Should Be Avoided

Even subtracting David Garrard from the battle for supremacy under center isn’t going to help any fantasy owner here.

Well, perhaps it’s more useful to look at it this way: What we saw in minicamp says that this is a situation to stay away from at all costs, yet again.

Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez both struggled during minicamp, which should surprise nobody.

Sanchez has struggled consistently for the past few years, and Smith is a rookie who will need at least a year to get acclimated to the NFL game.

On top of that, we’re not talking about an offense with mounds of catching talent. Santonio Holmes hasn’t been the No. 1 receiver the team hoped he would be, Jeremy Kerley is dynamic but limited, Stephen Hill is inconsistent and the tight end position is still unresolved.

Well, perhaps Kellen Winslow has upside, but he also has two battered knees.

This isn’t something new, but it is a great reminder that, from a fantasy standpoint, players in the Jets passing offense—especially the quarterbacks—should be avoided.

Again, check out the whole piece at Bleacher Report and thanks for stopping by.


Which NFL Rookies Have the Biggest Shoes to Fill in 2013? (Bleacher Report)

We’ve got a new piece over at Bleacher Report this morning. It’s a slideshow, talking about which rookies are going to have to replace some fairly important people during the coming NFL season.

As always, you can find an excerpt below and read the whole thing over at Bleacher Report.

Which brings us to Milliner, far and away the best corner prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft this year (particularly with D.J. Hayden’s health issues).

Is that enough though? It’s one thing to be good or even great, but Revis was beyond those labels.

We cannot expect Milliner to shut down elite wide receivers the way Revis did (we’ll see if he still can post-ACL injury), but he is good enough to hang with them and cover them.

On top of that, I have never been a big fan of Revis’ tackling ability. Yes, the Jets didn’t ask him to blitz or contain the run for the most part, but he still needed to get his hands dirty and too often seemed to lack the overall skill, strength and polish that was a hallmark of the rest of his game.

Again, you can catch the whole thing over at Bleacher Report.

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Handle With Care: Determining the Value of Marcus Lattimore (at Footballguys.com)

We had a technical glitch but it’s finally up – my latest at Footballguys.com about what you need to keep in mind when considering drafting Marcus Lattimore in any format.

Below is a snippet of it – of course you can read the whole thing at Footballguys.

Had it not been for the massive knee injury Lattimore suffered against Tennessee last fall, he would have been the best running back in the 2013 NFL draft class. It’s not even close. That said, the injury did happen and is compounded in the minds of many fantasy owners by the fact that it was the second major injury in just over a year (the first being a torn ligament in the left knee against Mississippi State the previous year).

Meanwhile, Lattimore has been on a mission to let people know he is going to come back, and come back strong. He showed at the Senior Bowl to make sure teams knew he was serious, was ahead of schedule at the Combine, got a standing ovation at his Pro Day and has been working so hard rehabbing since joing the 49ers that they’ve had to tell him to throttle it back.

With the massive talent he had pre-injuries (even after the first one), Lattimore is a guy who has to be on your radar and one you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons off this draft season.

As I said, you can read the whole thing here.

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A Detailed List of an NFL Coach’s Responsibility (at Bleacher Report)

Happy Sunday folks.

It’s still off-season in the NFL so today we’ve posted a piece at Bleacher Report about what sort of responsibilities come with being a head coach in the NFL.

As always, here’s a sample from the main article:


Implementing whatever he (and his staff) learned from the preceding game is only part of getting ready for the next week.

The coach will also look at the last game or two of the team’s upcoming opponent.

Using all that information, it’s his job to work with his assistant coaches and both his offensive and defensive coordinator to come up with a way to beat the next team.

Again, some coaches will listen more to their subordinates, while others will do most of the heavy lifting themselves.

This is an ongoing process for teams. Yes, they have a day to install a gameplan (usually Wednesday or Thursday) but ultimately they’ll tweak it right up until game time based on player injuries, how their team is executing and even things like weather.

Again, you can catch the whole thing over at Bleacher Report, and as always, thanks for stopping by!


10 Worst Sophomore Slumps in NFL History (at Bleacher Report)

Just posted this morning over at Bleacher Report – the 10 Worst Sophomore Slumps in NFL History.

Worst being a relative term, but these are pretty bad drop offs.

You can check out a sample here – this one about Steelers legend Franco Harris – and head over to the full article as well.

Franco Harris ended up in the Hall of Fame after a career where he had six straight years with 1,000 yards or better (eight total) and acquired four Super Bowl rings.

For his rookie season, Harris topped 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns, as well as winning the NFL Rookie of the Year Award.

His second year looked a lot like someone who might have been a flash in the pan.

Harris struggled a ton in his second season as teams focused on him, and in general, the entire Pittsburgh Steelers offense struggled a bit.

Of course, Harris bounced back for the aforementioned streak of 1,000-yard seasons.

You can take a look at the whole thing here.

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Footballguys Redraft Rankings Up – June 1

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Surveying the NFL’s Stickiest Contract Situations This Offseason (at Bleacher Report)

June is here and things are going to be as quiet as they get in the NFL. But that just means we get to dig a little into the sport we love rather than chase stories.

Today I’ve got a piece over at Bleacher Report about Surveying the NFL’s Stickiest Contract Situations This Offseason. Here’s the usual sample, not surprisingly about Mark Sanchez…

On the one hand, the Jets are at the end of the contract—after this season they can cut Sanchez loose with no real repercussions.

That said, 2013 is an ugly year for a contract extension that probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

This season sees the Jets on the hook for $8.25 million for Sanchez, which is bad enough for a guy who we all know isn’t the future of the franchise. The team is also strapped to $17.153 million dollars in dead money—for a guy who isn’t even guaranteed a starting job.

All this does is cloud the picture for the quarterback position. Sanchez has had to “compete” before, and it hasn’t amounted to anything. The Jets know he isn’t their future, and yet, he’s been paid an enormous amount of money anyway.

And we know that he’s not the future because they went out of their way to sign a guy they thought was healthy enough to step in short-term in David Garrard and drafted a potential starter in the second round with Geno Smith.

With Garrard retired and Smith a rookie who definitely has some growing to do as a quarterback, we could see Sanchez on the field yet again for the Jets. And even if we don’t, his contract represents a pretty significant hit for the team—the second biggest cap hit for 2013.

This for a player who could very well be the backup—all because they flirted with Peyton Manning and felt bad about it.

Kids, this is why you don’t decide to buy your significant other a big-ticket item when he or she catches you looking around the bar. It’s never good to buy out of guilt.

At least this is the end of it.

Or is it?

We know head coach Rex Ryan has stuck with Sanchez when he shouldn’t (see all of last year). Who’s to say we don’t have this same conversation again next year?

Again, you can see the whole thing here.

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