OTA Standouts Who Will Struggle to Survive Final NFL Roster Cuts (at Bleacher Report)

Hope everyone had a good extended weekend (and those of you who had to work, hope they didn’t work you too hard) and also took a moment to appreciate the folks who have given their lives to protect the freedom we have to express ourselves, even if we express ourselves like idiots sometimes.

Here’s a sample from my piece on some guys who have excelled in OTAs but may not make the final roster:

From the Michael Jenkins slide:

Why He Won’t Make the Cut

The Patriots are clearly looking for youth in their wide receivers, having replaced Wes Welker walk with Danny Amendola and then drafting several young wide receivers. Jenkins is very old and hasn’t produced all that well in some time—though you can point to the Vikings’ quarterback issues the last two seasons as one reason.

That said, I watched Jenkins a ton last year and came away just as unimpressed as I have every time he has caught my eye.

Right now, the Pats have 12 receivers on the roster and will certainly pare down. Jenkins may look good in OTAs, but when the pads come on, he’ll revert back to his usual self.

The team may look for veterans to have around, but Julian Edelman is a longtime Patriot, Amendola is entering his fifth year and Donald Jones is as good as Jenkins but half his age.

I just don’t see the value in Jenkins come September.

Of course, I also made an argument for where I might be wrong. So again, you can check out my piece at B/R here.


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