Busting Five Myths about the Jacksonville Jaguars (at Bleacher Report)

Just posted this at B/R.

As always, here’s a taste—you can read the whole thing at Bleacher Report.

4) Small market teams can’t support an NFL franchise

This goes hand in hand with the next myth, attendance.

As of 2011, the estimated population of Jacksonville is 827,908 people—actually the 11th most populous city in the US.

Hang on, you say, that can’t be right. Because they’re a small market team, right?

True. They lack the wattage of New York City or San Francisco. However, they actually have a larger population than San Fran—and Boston, and Seattle, Denver, Washington, DC, Baltimore.

Green Bay by the way—one of the smallest market teams in the universe and ranked 10th in attendance for 2012—is ranked as the 268th city in population.

Like Jacksonville, Green Bay lacks big media hubs, giant cities and are not giant tourist destinations.

What they have, which Jacksonville does not, is a winning team.

But as for small markets, they do just fine.

Jacksonville is far from too small to support a team and not even close to the smallest or least populous city with an NFL team.

That’s one of five – check out the other four with the rest of the piece at B/R.

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